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Linux Distributions Guide
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Pages 45
Current Edition 1.0.0
Last Updated Nov, 24th 2019
Original Title Linux Distributions Guide
First Published On Nov, 24st 2019


FREE Linux Distributions Guide

Back in the '90s when I started with Linux, I received one copy. One Linux distribution and that was it. No Internet. No choices. Not much to go with, but in terms of choices that was easy.

When I came back after a few years of break, there were tons of distributions and choices online. It was overwhelming. On one hand they all looked similar. On the other hand they were all different.

Every day questions are popping up on this matter online. Which one is the fastest, the best, the lightest? Which one is the best for my laptop? Which one is the best for old devices? If your question is among these today, this is the guide you have been looking for.

This free guide explains:

  • what Linux is and does
  • what distributions technically are
  • the fastest, the lightest, the best
  • what the major lines are and what their purpose is
  • which distributions you should avoid
  • which distribution you should choose for servers, development, pentesting, gaming and desktop
  • differences between the graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
  • which distributions you should prefer to use as a beginner

Linux Distributions Guide boils it down for you to a few relevant options and you can make your final choice by trial and error. And yes, it will tell you where to start, in case you are not sure 😉

The best thing: IT'S FREE!

So, just grab your copy...