FREE: Linux – Windows Alternative Or Not?

Linux Distributions Guide
Format PDF
Pages 59
Current Edition 1.0.0
Last Updated Jan, 7th 2020
Original Title Linux - Windows Alternative Or Not?
First Published On Jan, 7th 2020


FREE Linux - Windows Alternative Or Not?

Given Windows 7 support is quickly moving towards it's end, this book aims at Windows users who are searching for alternatives and considering Linux as option.

In the past 17 months I've answered close to 1000 Linux-related questions online. In this time I have seen many very basic questions being asked again and again.

The goal of this book is to explain to the total beginner, foremost coming from Windows, what Linux is and does. Ideally it's going to help you understand, that even a beginner can install and use Linux on desktop PCs, laptops and netbooks. The book is also going to answer many of the basic questions that are often asked by beginners.

Some of the questions answered in this book are...

  • what Linux is
  • what versions, distributions and flavors are
  • what Linux is being used for
  • what the differences and similarities between Windows and Linux are
  • how popular Linux actually is
  • how much Linux costs
  • who owns Linux
  • how secure Linux is
  • why Linux is sometimes better than and easier to use than Windows
  • if, why and when Linux is an interesting alternative on desktop
  • on which devices you can use Linux
  • if you can use Windows and Linux together
  • if there is a way to try Linux in a safe environment without destroying your current setup
  • if and when you should and how you can use Windows applications on Linux and
  • the book also offers a first glimpse on Linux on desktop in form of screenshots and brief explanations for them

and since the books aims at Windows users, there are going to be many comparisons that are going to show you how easy it can be, to switch from Windows to Linux.

This book is FREE! So, how much better can it get? Time to find out, if Linux is for you!

Grab your copy now and I'll see you inside...