Linux Start For Windows Users

Linux Start for Windows Users
Format Kindle e-Book
Pages 105
Current Edition 1.1.0
Last Updated Nov, 4th 2019
Publisher Amazon KDP
Original Title Linux Start For Windows Users
First Published By Amazon KDP
First Published On Oct, 21st 2019


More and more users are looking into Linux and depending on the statistics, the number of desktop users has doubled or tripled in just a few years.

But users are still struggling. Is it the right thing for me? Do I need to learn everything from scratch? How do I set it up?

Even as a total beginner you can be inside a safe Linux environment with like 15 to 30 minutes and surfing the Internet. Linux has become much more beginner-friendly over the past two decades. I had seniors, who would first block the idea of using Linux, later switch from Windows to Linux within only a few minutes and never looking back.

Linux Start For Windows Users aims primarily at users who have been using Windows for a while. It teaches you how to get Linux up and running as fast and easy as possible, without overwhelming you with deep technical details.

The book suggests a beginner-friendly distribution, explains need-to-know hardware basics and goes through hard disk preparation, creating an install and live medium and the installation process.

You don't need to touch your current setup to give it a try and if you are up for a challenge, the book also explains, how to set up Linux next to Windows and make use of both.

The book also drops a few hints on basic use and how to remove and troubleshoot Linux.

Unique: the book offers direct contact to the author, who (in case necessary) will attempt to answer your questions and help you get Linux up and running. (Note: this might be a limited offer, depending on the amount of incoming questions).

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